Can I get access to my Windows Intune Service from anywhere?

The Windows Intune service has a great geographic availability. Microsoft operates the Windows Intune in data centers around the world.

I was asked by a friend internally;

“if a customer has a user that is signed up for Windows Intune in the UK but they travel to a country or location that does not have Windows Intune availability or they are not able to buy licenses in the country….. what happens!?”

Great question? and a common question?

We answer a lot of these questions in the Windows Intune Trust Center. One of the sub topics is Privacy .

During the initial sign-up for services, the customer’s administrator creates a tenant account and inputs the customer’s country or region. The customer’s selected geographic area (“geo” and “region”) determines the storage for the Customer Data. For example, if the administrator inputs United Kingdom, the Customer Data processed as part of the Windows Intune subscription will be stored in a datacenter located in Europe. Available geos and regions are shown below.

Please see the Windows Intune Status Page for service availability by region.


Microsoft will not transfer Customer Data outside the selected geo(s) except where necessary for Microsoft to provide customer support, troubleshoot the service, or comply with legal requirements; or where customer configures an account to enable such transfer of Customer Data, including through the use of:

  • Features that do not enable geo selection, such as Content Delivery Network (CDN) that provides a global caching service;
  • Preview, beta, or other pre-release features that may store or transfer Customer Data to the United States regardless of deployment geo; or
  • Windows Azure Active Directory (except for Access Control), which may transfer Active Directory Customer Data to the United States for European customers, or to the United States or Europe for Asian customers.

Microsoft does not control or limit the geos from which customers or their end users may access Customer Data.

Windows Intune has the same list of restricted countries as office 365, you can see these restrictions here .

Meaning that as of this posts writing Customers that purchase may assign a license to a user that resides anywhere in the world, except for Cuba, Iran, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Myanmar, Sudan, and Syria.

To sum up, we have restrictions for where a license can be assigned to a user, but Microsoft does not control or limit the geos from which customers or their end users may access customer data.

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