Getting Started with the Windows Management Portals

There are two Administrator management portals that you can use to access the various features of your Windows Intune service: the Account Portal and the Admin Portal.

Account Portal:

Windows Intune Account Console

The Account Portal is a common configuration interface that administrators can use to manage users, groups, and domains for all Microsoft Online services, including Windows Intune and Office 365. With this online portal, you can check the status of your subscriptions, add new subscriptions, and activate new user accounts. It is also where you can set up and configure the link to your on-premise Active Directory Domain Service (ADDS) instance. In addition, end users can use the portal to change their passwords.

Admin Portal:

Windows Intune Administration Console System Overview Screen

In the above, you can see the three main information panels for Windows Intune. On the left is the Navigation panel, which contains links to Windows Intune workspaces. (Note that each feature in Windows Intune has a workspace.) In the middle of the screen is the main information panel that provides the detailed view for the workspace, which in this example is the Systems Overview workspace. Finally, on the right is the Tasks panel, which generates a context sensitive list of available tasks for the selected workspace.

If you are in the process of setting up your Windows Intune solution, you may not have much information to display. However, you can start to familiarize yourself with the workspaces and tasks available in each area until you start enrolling computers.

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