How to delegate administrative rights to a partner


You are a Microsoft partner and want to support and assist your customers with deploying Windows Intune in there organisation to help them grow as a business. With this deployment you also want to be able to administer the management portal for Windows Intune and help create policy and deploy applications.

How to:

Once you establish your Microsoft partner account, and have this configured for your Office365/Intune tenant, it will give you the ability to create offers to sell packages of Office365/Intune to your customers.

It also gives you the ability to offer delegated administration rights to there environment. This blog will walk you through the process of making an offer for delegated access.

Microsoft Partner Section

The Microsoft partner that wants to manage the service will have to go and login with your partner account :


Now select Partner up at the top of the screen


Select offer delegated administration, this gives you the option to administer other organisations Intune environments.


A new dialogue will appear with either a custom text that you can copy into a mail or an option to open directly into a mail client which then you would forward to your perspective customer that you wish to administer the environment.


“{PartnerName} has offered to provide delegated administration for your online services.

Authorize access to administer your online services here:

Additional partner information:”

Customer Section

The customer will receive this invite and once they click on the link they will get asked to log in using there tenant administrative credentials.

When they sign in this will authorise the delegated access.


The customer will then see the following and delegated rights have been distributed.



Microsoft Partner Section

Now that your partner account has delegated access to administrator your customers tenants, to help them do the following.

Click Partner then click Lookup user or domain Under Find and Assist


You can then search using the username or the domain for the company that you support and then click next


You are then presented with the option to administer on behalf of or create a service request
, to administer the Intune environment select “administer on behalf of”


When you click on the administer on behalf of, this will take you to the account portal for the delegated customer


From here the admin can open up the admin console and the option will be presented based on the access for the tenants.

As we can see the delegated admin has access both their Intune environment and the said customer. You can then have a single high level view of your customers health for the cloud only version of Intune.


Now you can select the customers domain and assist


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